The process of transferring a previously frozen embryo into the uterus is FET.

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Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET)

A frozen embryo transfer, or FET is a form of artificial technique where a cryo-preserved embryo. made in previous IVF cycle is thawed and transferred into woman’s womb. The womb is first prepared with hormones to make it receptive to the embryo or sometimes, natural cycle embryo transfer may be done. There are various scenarios where FET may be done like

  • Transfer of additional embryos left out in a previous IVF cycle

  • Elective freeze all cycle where all the embryos are frozen and transfer is done in subsequent cycles. There is some evidence that this technique may slightly improve the pregnancy rates especially in woman with polycystic ovaries as the embryos will not be exposed to excess hormones of ovarian stimulation. It also eliminates the risk of late ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome.

  • In case of donor oocyte or donor embryo programme where the donor and recipient cycles are not coinciding with each other.

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