Blastocyst Culture

Blastocyst culture through the guidance of expert embryologists at Mira Infertility.

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Blastocyst Culture


Blastocyst is an embryo that has developed for five days after fertilization. Normally, embryos are transferred after 2-3 days of culture. But advanced culture media and culture conditions have allowed us to culture these embryos further upto 5 days. This allows only good quality embryos to be selected for embryo transfer, thus greatly increasing the success rates of each embryo transfer.

Advantages of blastocyst culture :-

  • Better selection of the embryos to be transferred

  • Limit the number of embryos to be transferred

  • Eliminate the risk of multiple pregnancy

  • Better implantation rate

Step 1: Luteal support: This is started soon after your egg retrieval is done, in the form of progesterone to prepare the womb to receive the embryo. Post embryo-transfer, this support is continued till the pregnancy test is done.

Step 2: Pregnancy test and follow up: After 15 days of embryo transfer, pregnancy test is done, this will usually be a blood test, if the test is positive the progesterone support is continued for few more weeks.

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